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The smartest way to recycle EPS machine!

The smartest way to recycle EPS machine!

Many materials known as Styrofoam are actually EPS. EPS is the abbreviation for the polymer called expanded polystyrene foam. EPS, unlike Styrofoam, is not compressed. 95% of its volume consists of air. The areas of application depend on the content of the material.

EPS is used in the production of laboratory equipment and food packaging. Polystyrene is combined with various additives, dyes or other types of polymers and is used in many fields where toys, various appliances, car parts and polymers are used.

In recent years, EPS has also been used in the manufacture of insulating products such as coffee cups or foam containers made to transport various other cold/hot products. However, because it is very light, it is also used as a protective material in products that need to float on water, such as life jackets and rafts, to prevent the products from being damaged during transportation.

ECOEPS machine with CO2 Emision software calculator provides the most suitable method for recycling the unused EPS.

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