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Disposal of Styrofoam EPS

Disposal of Styrofoam EPS


Dispose of styrofoam

In our daily life we encounter small white foam beads, most of which are pressed into a solid state. Whether as packaging for a new computer, as part of a bicycle helmet or as cushioning and insulation.

Styropor is actually a protected brand name of the company BASF and stands for expanded polystyrene, abbreviated EPS. The small white foam beads are mainly used for insulation, shock absorption and packaging.

How is it disposed of?

Due to its many properties and areas of application, sooner or later everyone will hold the white plastic in their hands and ask themselves: How am I supposed to dispose of the Styrofoam without harming the environment with the waste, and in such a way that the plastic maybe even can be recycled again?

Private styrofoam waste

The styrofoam beads or pieces of padding that arrive in the package by post to consumers do not constitute hazardous waste. Neither do the drinking cups or bowls from the supermarket. They are considered packaging waste, are classified as "clean" - free of additives - and can be disposed of in normal household quantities in the yellow bag or the yellow bin.

Larger quantities of this type of styrofoam, which is used as packaging material when buying a large television, for example, can also be taken to the nearest recycling center. The costs involved vary from municipality to municipality.

Industrial styrofoam waste

Commercial construction waste may not be disposed of via the household waste system. Such building materials include, for example, insulating panels made of Styrofoam for ceilings or walls. They must be taken directly to the disposal yard and disposed of there.

If you want to dispose of old Styrofoam insulating materials as part of a private renovation, you cannot do so using the yellow bin. The reason: Due to the fire protection specifications for the building, they sometimes contain flame retardants. Therefore, the following applies: Styrofoam that has been used as insulating material belongs in the residual waste or at the nearest recycling center.

Styrofoam insulation materials used before 2016 for house construction or modernization are a special case. They contain the coating with the flame retardant HBCD. These materials are officially classified as hazardous waste and must be disposed of at the recycling center. Depending on the federal state, however, there are exceptions and special guidelines for the disposal of Styrofoam with HBCD.

Styrofoam disposal with NFM Recycling

NFM Recycling offers the right disposal solution for polystyrene waste. Styrofoam or EPS can also be handed in at our recycling center. For larger disposal quantities of polystyrene packaging and materials, it is advisable to provide suitable collection containers. We are happy to take care of the professional disposal and are available for all your questions on the subject of disposal.